Home Bouquet

Not long ago I had the opportunity to visit my friend Clara in San Diego California, when I arrived at home immediately I perceived a heavy atmosphere, but I did not want to make any comment because I did not consider it appropriate at that moment, she started giving me a tour of her house since she had just moved there and she looked excited for it, although behind that emotion could be noticed something else, I asked her if everything was fine, to which she replied that she was thrilled to have finally bought her house, but with this change her husband took a negative attitude almost hostile when he arrived from work to the new house, she had tried to talk to him but that only made the situation worse and the mere fact of trying to discuss it was a meaningless circle.

We talked more and I started talking about how there are problems to which the solution is not as orthodox as simply talking, sometimes we have to have Faith and leave it in the hands of what I call underlying energies that are around us but we do not directly affect, for example in the case of my friend Clara, the fact of acquiring a new house brought with it the energy of the former inhabitants of this, that is why I recommended that it should be cleaned but not only physical, but also spiritual.

When I said this, my friend was a little skeptical about it because I did not know whether to believe or not, she told me that she did not know what else to do to solve that problem, to which I replied that I should try to remove the negativity with a bouquet for the love and home to be able to clarify and give a little peace to the interior of your home.

It was there where we began to clean their home of this negativity, we began placing the bouquets in the places where they spend most time (the room and the bedroom), we also put ice in bowls and put them in each corner of the house and to finish We placed a vase with green lemons in the room so that they absorbed the bad energies.

Thus began the purification of her home, we kept in contact and after 3 weeks she told me that she had noticed a change in the house, she no longer felt the same vibration, she felt a lighter aura, which also now her husband arrived with a better mood, better availability and a prosperous environment for both as a couple.

In the end the skeptics begin to believe when they see the change with their eyes, that is what happened to my friend Clara, I am happy to have helped him because that is the purpose of Skunk Bouquets to teach you the steps to remove the negative energy of not only your home of your life, in this way to live in harmony.