Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the herb bouquets for?

Like tea, herbs are a balm for healing. The bouquets absorb negative energy from your body and your home, helping you to experience better levels of peace, health, harmony, clarity, prosperity, family union, love, and happiness.

Bouquets work differently for different people. Please make sure to follow the instructions included with your bouquet. Sometimes you may need to repeat the process to have the desired effect.

2. How do I use the bouquets?

When you receive the bouquet, place it in a tray filled with cold water for five minutes, so that the aroma is intensified and more refreshing. Remove and shake off excess water.

In a quiet space, where you can be alone to contemplate, rub the bouqet over your body, passing through all the body: head, back, chest, arms, hands, the lower abdomen, and feet. Accompany this with a personal mantra of your choosing. The herbs illuminate the soul, absorbing negative energy and leaving compassion, mercy, kindness, humility, patience, and will.

When you have completed rubbing the bouquet over your body, put the bouquet in a bag and place it in the trash outside of your environment and your home.

3. Are any of the bouquets kept in a vase?

The House bouquet may be placed in a vase, because it is meant to promote positive energy for your family and home. The House bouquet may be placed in a vase or on a surface for three days.

4. Don’t I keep the bouquets after using them?

The bouquets are not for appearance and scent as much as they exist for healing. Most bouquets are for a single, ritual use, where you rub the bouquet over your body. Herbs absorb negative energy from your body and soul, so the bouquet should be removed after use and placed outside, away from your environment.

House (XOXO) bouquets may remain in your home for three days, but should also be removed after use.

5. How are the bouquets delivered?

Our bouquets are shipped using expedited or overnight shipping services so they will be fresh when they arrive to you.

6. What if there is a problem with my bouquet?

If your package arrives with any issues, please take photos and let us know.